Commitment To Excellence

Intex’s commitment to excellence extends to helping our environment and supporting the ecosystem. It begins with product design. Intex’s filter pumps operate on much lower amps than most filter pumps in the market, reducing electricity consumption.
Our saltwater systems clean pools using only natural salt, eliminating the ongoing need for environmentally unfriendly packaged chlorine.

Intex also operates one of the most comprehensive recycling programs in the industry. We are the first company in China to successfully obtain a license to ship consumer’s returns in the original package back to china to be recycled. Therefore, used materials and products returns are prevented from going to landfills and instead re-used in the manufacturing process where up to 10 % of annually produced PVC is recycled.

Intex designs all of our won packaging for our products .We constantly challenge our methods of packaging to improve efficiency and reduce waste. More compact packaging to techniques save cardboard while cutting down on space utilization, saving freight and fuel consumption.

As a manufacturer, Intex know it has a responsibility to manage the amount of waste produced. As an employer of over ten thousand people, we also encourage our own employees to recycle, reduce waste, and be conscious of the environment.

Starting from recycling corners for all our worldwide office facilities , Our factory has worked with the local government well through sponsorships with key partners to strengthen our efforts to be more eco-friendly . Intex has worked to provide incentives and seminars to employees as well as setting targets to reduce energy consumption. In addition, Intex has made significant investment in technology to achieve these goals. For example, we have implemented a frequency converter system which converts diesel to natural gas, installed solar water heaters and set up a recycled sewage system, and invested in equipment that reduces gas emissions.

From product design, to more efficient processes that save energy and reduce waste, to a world class recycling program, to more energy efficient offices, the people at Intex are striving to provide the best value products anywhere while constantly keeping our global ecosystem in mind.